Detroit 75 Kitchen is a success story.

What started as a pipe dream has become a must-visit destination.

When two brothers decided to establish a kitchen at their family’s truck stop, they would have never dreamed of becoming one of The Top 100 Restaurants in the U.S.

In 2014, the Nassar brothers: Mike, the self-taught culinary virtuoso, and Ahmad, the creative brain behind the business, bet on themselves at a time when their Southwest Detroit neighborhood was all but forgotten.

The goal was to leverage great food as a way to entice truckers to fuel up at their location.

Soon, it became clear that something bigger was happening. There were lines of people stretched down Fort Street eager to get a taste of what everyone was talking about.

Highly regarded by many, the brothers and their team have received numerous awards and accolades, including being recognized as a Top 3 Food Truck in America.

They still feed truckers crossing the Ambassador Bridge but now Detroit 75 Kitchen has become a landmark. As Chef Mike likes to say: “Nobody would travel that far for a shitty sandwich.”

Stay Hungry,

Chef Mike & Ahmad

Weekends Off

What you’ve heard is true. We’re the crazy people that close down on days we’re guaranteed to make top dollar. We must be insane, right?

We’ve been closed on the weekends since our founding and here’s why: we work to live, not the other way around.

As we said, Detroit 75 is for the people. But talk is cheap. Anyone can say they care about work-life balance. But can they put their money where their mouth is? Since day 1, our team has been able to enjoy weekends off and livable wages. Our team is able to spend time with their families, decompress, and actually enjoy the lives that they work so hard for.

Some people would say we’re doing everything wrong, but it’s right to us, and that's all that matters.

D75 Principles

Staying Hungry

We were told so many times that we were crazy for trying to breathe life back into our side of town. But everywhere you turn in Detroit, you’ll see people creating something powerful out of even the most dire situations. We’re proud to take after our city in this way, and this hunger - this desire to create more beauty from struggle - will drive us till the wheels fall off.

Making Great Food

Food is our game, and we kick ass at it. Chef Mike’s recipes and quality taste have landed us dozens of awards and honorable mentions over the years. In his words, “No one is going to drive 45 minutes for a shitty sandwich.”

Servant Leadership

You can taste it when your food is made with passion, and our bomb food is brought to you by a team who truly enjoys what they do. From our customers to our team, the Detroit 75 experience is about the people we get to enjoy it with. Our #1 priority is our people because we’d be nowhere without them.

Our Foresight

We’re on the road to being the most loved food brand coming out of Detroit. Since our founding, we’ve been recognized as one of the Top 3 Food Trucks in the US and featured as one of the Top 100 Restaurants in America… and you already know we’re not stopping there.

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The Nassar Brothers

Chef Mike, Food Visionary

I’m Detroit 75's Executive Chef— the man behind the bomb-ass food. I’m a self-taught chef who has always loved experimenting with flavor combinations. Every single ingredient in our sandwiches is approved by me and, if it’s not the best quality flavor, it doesn’t get served. Anything less than the best has no place in my kitchen.

I could tell you that these are the best sandwiches you’re going to have in your life, but the food speaks for itself.

Ahmad, Creative Mastermind

I’m Detroit 75’s CEO & Creative Director. I’m in charge of our business day to day and growing the Detroit 75 Kitchen brand. Building Detroit 75 inspired me to earn my MBA from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

I’ve always been passionate about building a business with a strong culture, and I love that I’m able to take part in that every day by growing and investing in the Detroit 75 community.

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