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When Detroit 75 Kitchen started, what we cared about the most was crafting quality artisan sandwiches and meals that would appeal to people from all over Southwest Detroit. Our goal was simple, and Chef Mike knew all about the food he wanted to create.

But, quickly, Detroit 75 Kitchen became so much more.

We had already owned businesses in Southwest Detroit for over 25 years, and we knew that if we had a high quality, locally sourced affordable food option with great taste, we could genuinely impact the community.

The truth is, Southwest Detroit has not seen much investment post the recession. Today, Detroit 75 Kitchen has become an anchor for redevelopment. By using local produce and meats for all our artisan dishes, such as the Garlic Cilantro Fries with Roasted Jalapeno Ketchup, the 3rd Street Detroit Philly, and the BBQ Chicken Egg Rolls, we are empowering a new generation of business in Southwest Detroit – and one that’s starting to draw a crowd of dedicated supporters.

When we launched in 2015, we were named Detroit’s top food truck by Local 4 and Best Business Detroit. In 2016, we racked up both awards again. “Eater” named our 3rd Street Detroit Philly as the #1 Sandwich to Eat in Detroit Before You Die, with the Garlic Cilantro Fries earning the award for Best Fries as well. We have converted this success into a greater humanitarian mission. We employ Southwest Detroit residents and pay them livable wages, we invite local students to paint street art in the community, and we advocate nutritional competency to children.

Together, a standalone food truck can make a huge difference for the whole community.

Even though heads are turning and people are noticing us – we want to stay true to our roots and serve our award winning dishes out of our food truck in the parking lot of our gas station right off I-75 in Southwest Detroit. We care about our home, which is why Detroit 75 Kitchen isn’t leaving our lot anytime soon. That’s the power of excellent food and the taste of Detroit 75 Kitchen.

Detroit 75 Kitchen is stationary Artisan Sandwich food truck located at 4800 West Fort Street, Detroit, MI, 48209.


We are the next-generation of gourmet dining. Bring our food truck to your next event – thrilling and impressing your guests with our culinary creations.